Sunday, February 22, 2009

More photos from Gaza

MECA volunteer Mohammed El Majdalawi sent more photos from Gaza.

His photos include images from refugee camps and also close up photos of weapons made in the US.

Click here to see the photos.

If you would like to use these photos please credit Mohammed Fares El Majdalawi. Email us if you need higher resolution versions.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your photos. At the moment I am crying, feeling a combination of so many things. Universal despair. Hatred and righteous anger that cries for release. The tenderness of a mother stroking her sleeping child, in a dirty pile of rubble where once was a home. Children and adults healing, depending on the cause of their injuries, will they live or die? But at least in a little more calm than when they entered the places of healing. Fury and anger, futile, at the wreckage where once there were trees and homes and families. The sorrow of an old man. The fear and upset of a young man whose body language expresses fear and I do not know what else. Always the strength of the women, solid and beautiful, doing their best to be serene, strong in their belief that Allah will provide.

Of course it does not help that I have just spent the day writing about Hebron and writing about the true goals of Zionism in hope of opening some American eyes.

Those are powerful images. I don't know whether to smile or cry, you do have a skill. Thank you.