Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reminiscent of Nakba 1948

Mohammed Al-Majdalawi, a friend and MECA volunteer in Gaza, has shared some very powerful images from Gaza. He took these photos throughout the 22-day Israeli attacks on Gaza as well as the days following the "ceasefires" to document the destruction and suffering of regular people.

Mohammed writes, "These photos are of children and of life in Gaza during and after the war. I took these photos in refugee camps, schools, hospitals, outside bakeries while people waited to buy bread, and in the street whenever people left their houses between bombs.

I took photos every day. I went to different areas with my simple camera in hopes that these photos can tell the world the truth and illuminate the suffering of my people."

Mohammed lives in Jabalia Refugee Camp in northern Gaza. He says "The scene here reminds my family of Al Nakba (Arabic for Catastrophe) 1948."

There is still no electricity in his area of Gaza. He searched many hours to find a place with internet and electricity so he could share these photos with us. Please look at them and pass on to your friends.

In the next few days Mohammed will try to add captions to these photos. For now, I think the images speak for themselves.

Click here to go to the web album.

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The Free jordanian said...

Why are we keep calling it Al Nakbah? It's war crimes and ethnic cleansing. let us call it of what it is.